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e-Science 01-01-06-SF0663

Currently, we are investigating a new application of particle swarm optimization (PSO) in DNA sequence optimization. The DNA sequence optimization is essential in many research areas, such as DNA computing, DNA-based nanotechnology, and biotechnology. In this research, PSO is employed and the generated DNA sequences should satisfy 4 different objectives: hairpin, H-measure, similarity, and continuity, and 2 constraints: melting temperature and GC contents. Since the DNA sequence problem is a multi-objective optimization problem, a more advanced PSO called Vector-Evaluated PSO, will be employed and the generated DNA sequences will be evaluated based on the pareto optimality concepts. The initial results has
been presented in AMS'08 [19] and SKSM'08 [20] conference. 

In the area of VLSI routing problem, we have proposed a new routing algorithm called S-RABILA (Simultaneous Interconnect Routing and Buffer Insertion and Wire-sizing with Look-Ahead Capability), for minimizing interconnect delay in VLSI layout design [21-22]. This algorithm utilizes look-ahead concept to speed up it computation and is better than that of standard dynamic programming approach.

It is expected that the finding in [21-22] can be combined with PSO as a good optimizer, to come out with a new technique for the VLSI interconnet routing problem and the performance of the proposed approach canbe compared with the existing approaches such as S-RABILA and genetic algorithm-based approach